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Canyoning Trip, which is a new and daring sport in Nepal nowadays, is the down climbing activity on large rocks or canyons using various techniques. It involves outdoor activities like climbing, jumping, scrambling, and abseiling or rappelling down the steep rocks to the pristine water pool below. Entertain the beauty and excitement of Nepal’s natural surroundings by setting out on an exhilarating one-day canyoning trip from Kathmandu to Jalberi. Prepare for an adrenaline rush as you descend into the canyon rappel down steep walls, slide through natural water chutes, and plunge into cool pools. Throughout the experience, the rocky and challenging terrain will keep your heart racing and your senses sharp.

The best canyoning area is at Jalberi, which is conveniently placed between Pokhara and Kathmandu and can be accessed in 3 to 4 hours by car. We should take around 30 minutes to hike to the canyoning point, which has 8 exhilarating waterfalls. After the briefing and instruction phase, we just abseil down the first seven waterfalls instead of all eight. Before the event, you’ll receive a thorough safety introduction and presentation.

Medical Consideration for Canyoning Trip

For your safety, it’s crucial to take a few medical factors into account when canyoning in Jalberi or any other region. First, make sure you are physically fit enough and seek medical advice if necessary if you have any current medical concerns. The exertion involved in canyoning should make you conscious of your cardiovascular health. The ability to swim at a basic level is essential because canyoning frequently requires submersion.

Carry any allergy medications you may need, and drink plenty of water while participating in the activity. Be aware of potential environmental risks and use the proper footwear and safety gear. Learn how to handle emergencies and basic first aid methods. It is advised to seek tailored counsel from a healthcare professional prior to canyoning based on your health situation. You can experience canyoning at Jalberi in a safe and fun manner by taking these medical issues into account.


Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Jalbire full day canyoning and drive back to Kathmandu
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  • The day starts with a meet-up in Kathmandu, where you will assemble with your knowledgeable guides and like-minded adventurers.
  • You will depart on a scenic trip to Jalberi after a quick orientation and equipment check, taking in the beautiful vistas of valleys and mountains along the route. You’ll be spellbound by the breathtaking surroundings of gushing waterfalls, rocky cliffs, and lush flora as soon as you arrive at Jalberi.
  • Your guides will give you a thorough safety briefing to make sure you're ready for the upcoming canyoning excursion.
  • A well-earned picnic lunch will give you the chance to recharge and take in the serene surroundings of the canyon while you're in the awe-inspiring natural environment of Jalberi.
  •  After lunch, the adventure continues as you make your way into the canyon, overcoming brand-new obstacles and savoring exhilarating descents. As you navigate the canyon's bends and turns, take in the geological structures, the pure water, and the unspoiled beauty of the canyon.
  • Every step of the journey will be assisted by your knowledgeable advisors, who will also ensure your safety.
  • Celebrate your successes with your fellow explorers as the day draws to a close by sharing stories and belly laughs. With a sense of accomplishment and a collection of priceless experiences from your canyoning excursion to Jalberi, return to Kathmandu.
  • This one-day tour provides the chance to test your limitations, admire the wonders of nature, and make lifelong memories of your canyoning experience in Jalberi while taking place in gorgeous natural settings.


  • Vehicle transfer from Kathmandu-Jalbire-Kathmandu.
  • Nepali Lunch.
  • Canyoning Gare.
  • Professional Canyoning Guide.


  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Extra tips for guide
  • All the personal nature expenses, bar bills, laundry, water, travel insurance, beverage, phone calls, and internet.

Frequently Ask Question

What type of cloth do we need for Canyoning?
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  • Comfortable, moisture-management synthetic clothes. shoes made specifically for canyoning that provide high traction for sure footing. Wear a helmet to shield your head from any dangers. Depending on the water’s temperature, wetsuit or dry suit. In colder weather, wear rubber socks and gloves for insulation. Base layers that wick away moisture to keep your skin dry. Wear swimwear underneath your equipment. Wear a long-sleeved shirt or rash guard for additional skin defense. Extra dry clothing is needed after a canyoning trip. For accurate information on equipment needs and weather forecasts, speak with local specialists.
Where dose Canyoning take place in Nepal?
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Nepal is the richest country in water resources, we have many places for activities like Canyoning. Kakani, Raindi Hola, Charaudi, Sundarijal, Chitwan Jalberi, and Bhotekoshi Jalberi are some famous and best places for Canyoning.  We organized our Canyoning trip at the place called Chitwan Jalberi 110 KM away from Kathmandu.

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