Term and Condition

Wilderness Outdoors Pvt Ltd is a tourism based company in Nepal. According to the company Act of Nepal 2063 section 5(1). We are authorized company from the Government of Nepal to operate tourism business hospitality in Nepal, which was registered in 2022.

The term and condition is legal obligation between wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd and clients on the basis of booking packages in websites. Hence, kindly appeal to read it carefully to know the term and condition.  Only company authorized staff is liable to forward the relevant effort service packages. So, any agent and unauthorized employee online deal will not be liable to implement the term and condition by the Wilderness Outdoors Pvt Ltd. The objectives of the term and condition are given below:

  1. Booking
  2. Payment
  3. Cancellation / refund  booking payment
  4. Price assumption
  5. Accountability
  6. Assumption of  risk
  7. Insurance
  8. Medical fitness
  9. Customer service

Detail description as follows:

1) Booking:  Going through the wilderness outdoors websites. If any clients admired to book the packages in our sites. There are many options to book the packages.

a)   Online Booking  form : For online  booking a client  should  go  in  our  booking form  which is attached in every packages we offer in our sites.  Clients will see the option of number of visitors and date they wish to travel as per the packages. After selecting the number of visitors and date the clients must fill up the details of every visitor along with their passport and contact details. After that client will see invoice including all government tax (VAT 13%) then client will go in payment mode and process. After completing payment client will receive   booking confirmation email to their email address.

b) Booking through email address: After going through the packages on wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd websites.  Any interested clients may book their packages through email address after finalizing desire packages.  Wilderness outdoors authorized staff will reply a confirmation email to the client after receiving the booking confirmation from the client.

c) Social Media: Through the assist of social media client also can book the packages of wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd. Such as Whatsapp  , Face book Messenger, Telegram, Viber, line, Instagram, LinkedIn  and  other social media through  authorized  staff of  the company .

d) Oral communication: Client may direct visit to the Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd office or office staff will visit to the client address to book the packages. Detail company address and map has been mentioned in the websites to visit the company.

Note : While making the booking as per above medium , 20% or 100% payment of the packages must be paid in advance to book the packages. Among them ( 20% or 100% payment  )which one is preferable to the client  must deposit in advance to the wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd through the different mode of the payment system .

2) Payment: Wilderness Outdoors Pvt Ltd has offer different mode of payment which are reliable to the client .The clients may pay their packages payment through their own country currency which is exchangeable in Nepal. Only in exceptional circumstances , IF  a clients   country currency is not exchangeable in our country must pay their payment on the basis of  $ USD dollar  .  All the payment of the packages must be paid before the departure.  The client may payment the packages in different payment mode options. They are given as below:

I) Wire Transfer  :  The Wilderness Outdoors Pvt  Ltd  will  receive  the booking  packages  payment through wire  transfer from  the clients countries to our official bank account  . Bank details of Wilderness Outdoors Pvt Ltd are mentioned as below:

Bank Name:                        Mega Bank Limited

Account Holder Name:    Wilderness Outdoors Private (Pvt) Limited (ltd)

Account Number:              0570014791285

Swift Code:                          NBBLNPKAXXX

Branch:                                 Thamel Branch.

Branch Bank Address:      Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Bank Address:                    Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

While making wire transfer bank will charge extra transfer charge (4 % – 5 %) from client countries which client should be liable to bear it themselves? It means full packages cost must be reached in Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd bank account without any bank charges deduction.

II) PayPal: PayPal payment is a reimbursement and fastest payment system; client will book the packages scheme tour of wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd through online. The authorized PayPal address of the company is given as: VictoriaRStein@gmail.com . While, using PayPal service system additional transfer service charge is included and client should be liable to bear it. It means company must received total tour cost without deducting any bank service charges.

**Need to Add Additional Charges**

3) Cancellation / refunding booking payment: Cancellation applied due to many circumstances and influences booking payment on the basis of the duration period as given below in point basis.

i) If a client cancels the booking packages scheme 40 days in advance of the tour departure. The lumpsum advance deposit amount will be refunded excluding the bank service charges by the wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd to its client.

ii) If a  client  cancel the booking packages scheme 30  days in advance  of the tour departure  then  wilderness outdoors  Pvt ltd  will refund only 50% of the total advance deposit  to its client .

iii) If a client cancel the booking packages scheme 15 days in advance of the tour departure then wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd will refund only 25% of the total advance deposit to its client.

iv)  If a client cancels the booking packages scheme prior 15 days in advance of the tour departure then wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd unable to refund any advance deposit payment to its client.

v)  Coincidently, IF a  client  has to postpone or transfer the booking trip to another individual ,  reason  should  be mentioned  clearly  to the  company . In addition, 70 USD is required, if the postpone or transfer of a trip before 30 days to the schedule of departure tour date. Any options for postponing and transferring a trip will not be available during the 14 days prior of the departure tour date.

vi)  In case of unpredictable circumstances. Such as political instability, pandemic disease lock downs the country, catastrophe, bad weather, war may influence the tour. The wilderness outdoor Pvt ltd holds authorized any and all the rights to cancel a package trip. After the peaceful and righteous environment of the country   company will suggest another trip of similar price to prefer its client. If a client desires to cancel the package scheme then company will deduct the expense costs including government tax, permits and accommodation then remaining advance deposit amount will be refunded to its client.

vii) If any client  cancel the tour between the journey period due to his/her personal reasons  after  travelling the  few days  then  company  will not be liable to refund the remaining  journey days amount  to its client .

4) Price assumption:  Due to many aspects price of the commodities doesn’t remain constant and fluctuated with its demand and supply, country policy and strategy, catastrophe and war. Whereas, there will be no any price discrimination for a client. Therefore, company indeed to provide the service with same booking price to its client on any date of determination. It manifest  wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd  will be liable to provide service in same eligible contracts price mentioned at the time of tour booking date. On the other hand , if  any  next individuals  want to join same trip then the  cost of  tour  will be fluctuated according  to the contingencies  circumstances  .

5) Accountability: Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd will be liable and responsible in the given following condition towards its client.

i) If a client became injured due to company employee negligence at service time, company will be liable to treatment and care to its client in the obligatory manner mentioned in the law.

ii) Himalayan regions weather might be changeable at any moment which affects the flight schedule. Hence, in case if flight delay or postpone due to bad weather condition then wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd will be liable to manage all accommodation and food whereas cost should bear by client themselves. By the way, cost of company employee will be liable to bear by the wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd. Therefore , wilderness outdoors  Pvt  Ltd  kindly hope with its  client to deal with patience  and  proper  preparation in  the unforeseen condition .

iii) In  Himalayan  region  an adequate facilities  recommended by  the clients  will not be available like a  developed countries  .However , wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd indeed  a client to serve with  their admire expectation as much as possible .

iv) Exceptionally , sometimes unpredictable  factors  compel to changes  itinerary  schedule of the  wilderness outdoors  Pvt ltd due to unavoidable circumstances . Such as  government conduct  strict new  rules and  regulation of the country  on the  behalf of security  concerned  , catastrophe (road blockage ) , in stability politics  , else  which  may  influence or  any  changes in the itinerary  chart  of the   packages  will not be responsible by the  company .Further , any extra cost  on the  spots will be liable to bear  by the client themselves .

v) Unfortunately, if a client missed their international flight connection to return back to the home country or next countries then wilderness outdoor Pvt ltd will not be liable to bear the flight ticket incurred cost. However, company will be responsible to arrange accommodation, food and flight ticket but the cost charges will bear by the client.

Vi) Company will not be responsible to refund packages amount in null hour, if at any client commit any illegal act. On the contrary, commit client will be forced to leave the tour.

Vii) Wilderness Outdoors Pvt Ltd reserves the rights to halt any client to continue their tour who disturb the smooth running scale miles of the tour, talking blatant vulgar words in the journey, frequently causing annoyance or inconvenience to other clients /travelers, creating difficulties with indigenous community people at the time of journey. Therefore, if any violence occur during the tour due to any client violent activities  then  she/he must be responsible for that event  and any cost occur in violence must be liable to compensate  by  the savage  client. Hence, kindly appeal to all the clients is friendly, co operative and discipline with the tour colleagues and indigenous community people .

viii)  Wilderness Outdoors Pvt Ltd will be liable to issue packages related  permits from  the government authoirised  office  and tourism organisation.

ix) WIlderness Outdoors Pvt ltd will not be liable to provide any trekking gears and equipments such as hiking boots , warm  and wind proof  clothes , sleeping bags ,  sunglasses , gloves , bungy cords ,water purification tablets or drops , personal washing items , water bottles  and other an essential accessories needed for the  related packages tour . However , company will cope to  recommend  the  trekking  accessories  shops to the clients to purchase  the stuffs  which is  needed for the related packages trip .

6) Assumption of risk: Wilderness Outdoors Pvt Ltd motto is “Safety and entertainment experience of the clients are shed light aim of the company “.  So, company will not leave any effort to make the client trip euphoria and good memorial  by minimizing the risk that occurs  during the trip journey  .By the way , although company  admired  always  good  and successful trip journey  while  doing trip with the clients . There is the possibility of catastrophe like hurricane, typhoon, blizzard, floods, and landslide  .In  addition , many unexpected  problems like  accidents , sickness  , flight delays  , new  rules and  regulation  applied , in stability politics  and  war directly  influence  to the itinerary schedule of the company  which will change in itinerary schedule ,for that  company will not be liable and responsible . Therefore, any natural disaster and unforeseen factors disturbance the journey packages will outcome additional cost charges will be liable to bear by the client themselves. However, extra cost charges of the company employee will be liable to bear by the company. Meanwhile, during the journey, in case, if any client became sickness or physical disabled to the journey by themselves. At that moment, company will be liable to arrange transportation service for to rescue the client for immediate treatment. However, company will not be liable to bear any cost charges whereas rescue client him/herself must bear the cost service charges.  For instance, immediate helicopter rescue from Himalayan region to the client for treatment in near possible facilities available cities, the cost service charges must bear by rescue client. In the same way, our company, any of its employee or agent will not be liable, If any client loss, damage and thief stolen their personal goods and property, personal casualties or death which might occur during the journey period.

Meanwhile , coincidently due to bad weather groups are unable to reach in their destination  for overnight or guide leader instruct the group to halt the journey to  the destination because  of typhoon , landslide , hurricane, blizzard or bad weather . At that moment , if  any client go against to the instructor or disobey the instruction of the guide leader and instigate the journey alone for to summit the destination . Unfortunately , at that moment , if the stubborn  client  occur any casualties  then company will not be liable for compensate  that  casualties  to disobedeint client , despite he will be liable himself to bear the cost of the any  casualties .

7) Insurance:  While booking the wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd packages schemes by the clients /trekkers. It is an essential to have insurance from their countries to all  the clients /trekkers  that covers their  cancellation, catastrophe risk (accidents), damage  or theft  of  the  baggage  or  any important stuffs  , health and medical treatment , emergency evacuation transportation medium ( helicopter rescue , air ambulance)  that apply  for immediate rescue because in our country  for foreigners insurance policy is not available . By the way, emergency evacuation money must be paid in cash in Nepal immediately after evacuation unless the client insurance company assured and agreed to pay the evacuation cost on the client /trekker behalf. Whereas, company will be liable to obtain insurance policies of its employees in different heads of the tropic which is unavoidable at the time of journey under the government norms.

8) Medical fitness: Health is wealth as we entire peoples knows about this slogan. So, to involve or experience anything in real life health play tremendous role to astonish and accumulate plenty of gratification from our perception. For example, COVIN -19 a pandemic disease create a pandemic problem all over the world and compelled the many countries emergence lock down. Hence , while  booking the packages those clients who are related to the health problem must mentioned their pre-existing medical problems or report to the wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd to arrange medical physician, medicines and evacuation expenses during the tour period whereas responsibility of the lump sum treatment and evacuation cost expenses will be liable to bear by the victim client. The company reserves the rights of required health certificate prior to booking the trip or departure. Therefore, before departure the wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd strongly recommends all the clients are required to consult with their doctors for medical treatment, vaccination and other medical requirements for the trip. From the company prospective we provide well trained guide regarding first aid, well managed sanitation, hygienic foods, adequate medicines items and   immediate evacuation helicopter services. In the case of children, under the age of 18, a legal guardian must accompany to the children. Any further details inquiry regarding the age and suitability. Please, kindly appeal to visit the company emails address:

9) Customer service: Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd “Client satisfaction is the company motto “. It means any complaint during the trip service; a client will immediately consult with the operational manager, who is managing your trip from starting to the end of the trip , who have authority  to deal  with related consequences  that comes during the trip . On the contrary, if the operational manager procrastinated to provide the solution of the problem a client may immediately contact to Wilderness Outdoor Pvt ltd head office  in Kathmandu  contact number +977-9851133087 , E-mail address :bhuwanbharati@gmail.com .  Company founder will respond a client call, note complaint and order the operational manager to solve the problem as soon as possible. Further , a  company hold the client  complaint in first priority  and  apply any efforts  to  solve the  problem  in client favor.