The Creator

The Creator is an upcoming American Science Fiction thriller movie directed by Gareth Edwards. Shotted in different countries like Thailand, the USA, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Nepal too, the movie is completed with an estimated budget of $86.1 million with the cast of John David Washington, Gemma Chan, and Madeleine Yuna Voyles.


The Creator is an American Science Fiction thriller movie directed by Gareth Edwards. Also, the story was created by Gareth Edwards, and the movie’s script was written by Edwards and Chris Weitz. The film features talents like John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, and Sturgill Simpson in main roles alongside Madeleine Yuna Voyles, and Allison Janney. On May 17, 2023, 20th Century Studios released the first official teaser video of the movie on their own channel on YouTube. The trailer includes action, historical references, and plenty of automation, as John David Washington (Joshua) tries to save a little android girl from the ones who want to kill her.

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The Creator is produced by director ‘Gareth Edwards himself with Kiri Hart, Jim Spencer, and Arnon Milchan mutually. The thrilling cinematography of the movie is directed by Greig Fraser and Oren Soffer. Renowned Production companies like Regency Enterprises, Entertainment One, and New Regency have been associated with the movie. Shotted in different countries like Thailand, the USA, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Nepal too, the movie is completed with an estimated budget of $86.1 million. 20th Century Studios is going to release this movie in the United States on September 29, 2023.

Project Information

The Creator is filmed in significant locations in different countries that reveal action, historical references, and plenty of thrilling fiction. It was filmed in several cities in the United States of America as well as in international boundaries including Japan, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam, and Nepal.

In the context of Nepal, it was filmed and managed to capture the most notable historical, cultural, and artistic evidence of Kathmandu Valley as well as the Natural and rural storyline of the Manaslu region of Himalaya. To conclude; it was shot in popular places like Bhaktapur, Pashupati Temple, Patan Durbar Square & Lho Village of Manaslu. The Recce was done in April 2019 by the movie expert for 2 days; But according to their location planning and screenplay, their plan was to head towards another international location. But Gareth was highly impressed by the Heritage sites and multicultural, multi-religious, and art ethnicity of Kathmandu Valley. Hence, due to the massive attraction towards Locations and Nepalese local lifestyle, research was extended to 3 days more. Also, the rural stories of many Nepalese were in the head of Gareth. Due to the positive influence and attraction of Nepalese society, further research was continued in Nepal. Altogether, location research was completed within 5 days in Nepal. In the duration of 5 days, the research crew was headed towards Lho village in a Helicopter for further Recee.

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The location research and scouting were done there by exploring the culture of the Himalayan lifestyle, Natural significance in the Manaslu area, and rural area survey. The location management project was handled by Bhuwan Bharati, founder of Wilderness Outdoor Private Limited. Being the Location Manager, he made everything convenient and easier by facilitating the entire communication and technical assignment.

When they were about to start cinematography direction, COVID was just appearing as a core problem throughout the world. Due to the extreme affection of the initial COVID period, the movie’s entire project task was affected and stopped filming all over the estimated locations of Nepal and other countries. The movie project was resumed after 2 years. Later on, in July 2022 the movie makers and team arrived in Kathmandu and began their project for further filming. Location Permit, Filming Permit in Nepal, Cast and crews for the Movie, and Logistical arrangements such as Food, Transportation, and accommodation for KTM as well as in the rural village of Manaslu were managed by the founder of Wilderness Outdoors. The travel and Filming Package was taken into implementation effectively by Mr.Bhuwan Bharati too.

Working on The Creator project, Bhuwan Bharati reveals, “While mentioning the impression towards Nepalese honor and activities that Director felt in Nepal, he was extremely influenced by everything here. There are numerous memories and incidents that Gareth and the team got to experience. During the filming of the movie in the Bhaktapur area, he captured the old women worshiping in the monument. There he got to be part of that old woman’s happiness, life, and sorrow too. At that time, the old woman wanted him to follow her and she took him to her small residence. There he felt the actual Nepalese taste. He felt humanity and also explored the path of happiness and satisfaction. He strongly has a great impact on Nepal and Nepalese society, which is definitely creating many advantages on tourist development, positive message delivery, and international harmony.”