Everest is a biographical movie based on a true story written by John Krakauer in his book “Into the Thin Air” about Everest summiteers of 1996 . who were trapped in a blizzard returning , after from the summit of world highest mountain “Mount Everest”.


Everest is a biographical movie based on a true story written by John Krakauer in his book “Into the Thin Air” about Everest summiteers of 1996 . who were trapped in a blizzard returning , after from the summit of world highest mountain “ Mount Everest”. Story is written by William Nicholson (2 times nominated for Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best original screenplay) and Simon Beaufoy (winner of 2008 Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Slumdog Millionaire).

Everest was Directed and Produced by Baltasar Kormakur , who is known as Icelandic actor and director of very famous movies The Sea (2002), A Little Trip to Heaven (2005), Jar City, Contraband (2012), 2 Guns (2013), 101 Reykjavik and many more. He won more than 27 awards in different titles in the Hollywood film Industry and was nominated for more than 50 Hollywood movies and television shows awards and honors.
Baltasar Kormakur Cast many famous Star actors from Hollywood like Jake Gyllenhaal (As a Scott Fischer), Jason Clarke (As a Rob Hall), Josh Borlin (Beck Brolin), Sam Worthington (As a Guy Cotter), Keira Knightley (As a Jan Hall), Robin Wright (Peach Weathers), John Hawkes (Doug Hansen), Emily Watson ( As a Helen Wilton).

Locations used in movies are in Kathmandu Nepal, Everest Base Camp Nepal, Santa Monica Mountains Southern California, USA , The Dolomites Mountain northeastern Italy, Iceland and Rome Italy. The film is based on an expedition to Mount Everest .Director choose different locations of Europe and American Mountain simmer to Everest due to the high altitude landscape , insufficient basic facilities for logistics arrangement and poor transportation facilities in Everest area.

Box office report of movie making budget was $55 million and total collection earned of $203.4 million .from the North America movie accumulated $43.4 million and $159.9 from other countries. Overall , the movie is based on adventure people who climb Everest and their journey to top of the world Mount Everest and how they die due to the blizzard and challenges on the way to Everest summit.
We say the director Baltasar Kormakur has presented in Florence a fantastic way of journey from the starting point of the climber’s home country to the destination country to summit rescue operations and communication skills. We give 5/5 to Movie director Baltasar Kormakur and his team for his hard work on Movie Everest.

Project Information

It was 2013 January , the crew arrived in Nepal, they stayed in Hyatt Regency Kathmandu and their production office was set in Hyatt Regency. Our founder Bhuwan Bharati was appointed as extra crew to assist Pat Karam, Location Manager for Nepal from the United Kingdom by Ms. Carolyn Syangbo. It was our first experience working with Hollywood movies in 2013.Movie story was taken from the book “into a thin air” Kathmandu location should looks like a 1996 but with the rapidly change of modernization of world every location looks like modern age , everything was changed as before that was challenging job for us.

There are many interesting stories behind the scenes about productions . One of the most interesting stories was hiring chickens for a day as the art department needs chickens and Chicken Cage for some location to put them on the top of the bus and inside the bus to make a location look like a 1996 Nepal traveling bus. They need 100 Chickens for scenes only for a day after shooting 100 chickens are useless . So , we convinced the shopkeeper that we need chicken only for one day.

After that it is useless for us. Our founder Bhuwan Bharati request him to give his chicken on a hire after many times of request Chicken sealer agreed to give his chicken in hire for $100 a day for 100 chicken and if any of chicken dies compassion should be paid .finally , we are able to bring a chicken on hire for a day. Also , we managed some early 90s Bus, Bicycles and Motorbikes which were needed as an action vehicle for scenes and other production job needs for shooting.
As our team is able to do some of the lock off needed for shooting in the busy and touristic area of Kathmandu Thamel. Most of the things needed for shooting are able to be managed. We are appointed for only Kathmandu location and production management in Kathmandu. We also assist the movie crew to find an actor, who flies helicopters in the rescue scenes from Camp II in Movie Everest.

They decided to choose Nepal Army Captain Colonel Madan KC who is the real hero for rescuing Beck Weathers and Taiwanese climber from above 6200m Camp II but unfortunately , he was on an army mission out of Nepal at the time of shooting, also due to time and his Job service to Nepal Army Captain Colonel Madan KC cannot give his timing frame for the Everest Movies shooting out of Nepal. We finally recommend another famous veteran actor pilot Captain Vijay Lama from Nepal and he played the role of Captain Colonel Madan KC for the rescue scenes in Everest Movie .

Overall , the project was successful from our team. We give 100% of our effort to the production team for a smooth and flow race shooting environment in Nepal. We believe that we are the number one Production Company in Nepal for arranging Location Research and Management, Logistics Arrangement, Crew and Cast Arrangement, Equipment Rentals, and transportation Arrangement, We hope to work furthermore in many more movies with many foreign production companies.