Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the Wilderness Outdoors Pvt Ltd in Tourism Hospitality 

In this world, nobody is a stranger to each other, if we are able to socialize and communicate with each other from wherever we are through different mediums. Such as electronic media, recommended by friends, telegram, and different social media connection apps in this 21st century. Further, in this contemporary era, it is not compulsory to meet face to face with individuals to book a package tour through virtual conversation, online services, and many other social media apps a client can easily book the trip packages. Every individual people of the world can easily book their trip package in Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd. Therefore, Wilderness Outdoors Pvt Ltd kindly appeals to the people of the world to connect with each other through electronic media and explore their ambition of the trip with our company.

The entire world can easily connect with Wilderness Outdoor Pvt ltd on authorized and official websites: The Company is registered in accordance with the laws provided by the Government of Nepal and the logo of the company is registered under the trademark in Nepal. The head office of the company is located in Kapan Aakashedhare, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is essential part to know the privacy policy of the company by the clients while booking the trip packages. That‘s why kindly requested the clients to read the privacy policy of the company in detail. If any question raises about the privacy policy, the clients may directly contact the founder of the wilderness outdoor Pvt ltd at the mentioned address. Name: Bhuwan Bharati, Mobile no: +977 9851133087, Email:

After learning the privacy policy, if a client agrees then s/he must consent to collect, operate, maintain and disclose their private confidential information faithfully to the company to manage smooth, adorable, euphoric, affordable, and memorial trips hospitality in an effective way. The company will assure and commit to protecting the privacy of the client’s personal information General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through a given basis, filing files in an alphabetic way, electronic medium, and procedural safeguards. Simply, the company plays the role of either the data controller or data processor during the trip connection relationship with its client and in addition, procedures the information in the client’s favor if needed for their reference. Likewise, the company forwards the marketing schemes in the future to its authorized client to visit again in the next trip packages through the company’s advanced data controller system which is fully controlled under the company server. If any client shouldn’t want to receive any emails from the company in the future after completing the destination project then the client suggests clicking on unsubscribed instructions at the bottom of each email from the company. Any kind of misuse or Xerox of the personal information of the client privacy policy by others is highly discouraged by the wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd or legal documents strictly prohibited to leakage the privacy policy of the clients in both internal and external environment. The company strongly reserved the rights of its client privacy policy in its favor. By the way, if a client disagrees with any points of the privacy policy, s/he will not be liable to provide her/his any personal information to wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd which may affect to provide services by the company conveniently and transparently during the trip or influences the service negatively to provide the client by the company. Therefore, kindly appeal to the client to be familiar with the privacy policy of the company as given below:

i) Secure the security of information: The Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd will commit the security of any authorized clients to collect, preserve, process and disclose their personal identification, transaction information, and other vital data through the advanced technology functioning server system of the company. The company data server controls the privacy policy of the clients from loss, damage, and misuse from unauthorized electronic access, third parties, other server modification, interference, and destruction by reviewing the security techniques of the company data server in an efficient time and effective way. Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd will apply various techniques to store personal information data in a secure way through an alphabetic filing system, electronic server system, and procedural safeguards. Meanwhile, the company will destroy or de-identify the related personal documents of the client once no longer in use for business purposes or for legal procedures by the Government office or by the laws.

II) Personal information collected by the company: The Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd will collect the general personal information of the clients for the booking purpose or to arrange the trip to facilitate related services or products on the client’s behalf. The Company website user may ask the client for personal details such as full name, mailing address, cell number, email address, passport details, payment account modes, and health information. For many purposes. Such as inquiry, booking confirmation, correspondence email, or feedback, to relevant various financial transactions in an efficient way, else. By the way, only for certain specified purposes under the client’s local data protection laws to make travel arrangements reasonably successful and memorable to accomplish the destination. The company accumulates some sort of specific personal details in the client’s consent. For instance, to extend the permit related to the destination under local data protection laws, government offices appeal to submit privacy information in the security concerned or by the laws. All the privacy policies of the clients will be strongly committed by Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd to reserve it in a secure way in a systematic method.

iii) Collection of the information through different sources: The wildernesses outdoors Pvt ltd will collect the information of the clients from the information the client submit during the course of interaction occurring between the company and the clients about the trip packages schemes. The company will generate various devices to collect the information of the client as given below:

  • Collect the information of the clients through direct virtual interaction; recommend person, telephone, email, and letters.
  • Through the company authorized and official websites.
  • Nexus of the company with social media for the promotional activities of the company in television, radio, newspaper, magazine, electronic apps like messenger, WhatsApp, Face book, Instagram, etc. 

While using any tools of the company. If any clients are interested to register for promotions, make inquiries about the travel packages, click on subscribe to the company promotional apps to receive trip packages and promotional activities, use the company services on social media, and request the company brochures to receive the information of the company, else features are applied to collect the information of the clients due to stay keep in touch with the company in a relationship by the client. Sometimes, the company will be liable to keep or collect the information of third parties. If any of the clients booked the trip through his/her friends or vice–versa. At the moment, a lead person will receive the consent to collect, use, and disclose the information of the third parties for the travel arrangement on their behalf. Which assist third parties to receive updated information about their ongoing traveling packages and interact directly with the company through emails or other social media apps. Further, if any error occurs during mentioning his /her personal information while booking the trip by his/her friends then immediate third parties will consult or give feedback to the company. The company will correct the inaccurate information provided by his/her friends which assists the travel document to correct and minimize obstacles during the trip. However, if any problem creates or losses arise from any inaccurate or incomplete personal information provided by his/her friends or consent person on the behalf of the next person to the company then the company will not be responsible for any problems arising due to incomplete or inaccurate information. Hence, the company will appeal to that client who is making his/her booking trips from his/her friends. Kindly inform the company through email or social media apps if any inaccurate or incomplete information occurs about you or vice-versa ineffective time to correct the information in time because the company motto “ Never halt or postpone the client trip by the local data protection laws due to incorrect documents “


Iv) Collection of the information cast off in different features: The wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd will implement the collection of personal information of the clients for various purposes as mentioned below in bullet points.

  • To participate in the competition of the trip packages.
  • To regularly update reporting, compliance, market research, and client satisfaction of the company services provided to the clients.
  • To correspond with feedback, and inquiries and to hold the booking confirmation of the trip.
  • To facilitate travel arrangements and hospitality successfully and meaningfully on the client’s behalf.
  • To develop or improve the company services or products.
  • To process a legal obligation to a company or vice-versa. If any of the contract parties shouldn’t fulfill the term and conditions mentioned in the agreement.
  •  To provide route permits to the related destination from the authorized local government offices.
  • To make the visit legalized by government agencies.
  • To claim an insurance policy. If any casualties occur during the trip.
  • To update the company privacy policy if necessary or new privacy policies change according to the contingency approaches to changes in the country’s law, rules, and regulations.
  • To access the relevant various financial transactions of the clients.
  • To protect the client from terrorist rebel groups, hostile attacks, vandalism, security threats by criminal organizations, natural threats like earthquakes, fraud  from  colleagues, or else 
  • Implementing promotional activities of the company through various approaches. 
  • Sometimes, third parties booked the trip with the consent of the absent parties to participate in the absent parties in the trip packages. So, to make the privacy policy (collect, use, disclose) legitimate of the third parties by the booked client the collection of personal information of the absent client has been cast off in his/her consent.
  • Sometimes, the company will coordinate with other travel service providers to accomplish the destination of the clients. Therefore, in this case, the company will share the information of the clients with other travel service providers such as hotels, vehicle rental, adventure experience spot junction (paragliding, zip line flier, bungee jump, skydiving, skiing), airlines, permit issue government office or other relevant service providers to provide service to the clients. So, in this condition, the company will kindly request and encourage the clients to review the privacy policy of the third parties service providers whose products or services are purchased by the client through wilderness outdoors Pvt Ltd. The company will be liable to provide the terms and conditions or privacy policies of the third parties at the request of the client while purchasing the service or product from the third parties. If any clients are concerned regarding the transfer of their personal information to another travel service provider or wish to contact wilderness outdoors for further detailed information then please refer to the section (x) feedback and contact below.

v) Disclosed the personal information to the third parties: The wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd will not share or transfer, sell, rent or trade any authorized client the personal information to any other third parties. Only in specific circumstances, the company will be liable to disclose the personal information of the clients as relevant and indispensable to make the travel arrangement successful and memorable from internal and external factors of the law enforcement agencies and environment of the country. The company will transfer or share the personal information of the clients either in written or verbal form to make the trip astonishing and euphoric with clear and genuine documentation if any suspect occurs towards the client during the trip by any authorized local and government agencies. Therefore, the company will disclose the personal information of the clients to the third parties in the following terms and conditions to make the trip destination successful, entertainment and memorial.

  • Different regulatory bodies of law enforcement agencies request personal information to protect it from fraud and security purposes.
  • To collect health information from the external health Care center. If any illness occurs to the clients during the trip for intensive care and remedies.
  • If any client suspects illegal activities by the laws .For the investigation’s purpose is to ratify innocence from the illegal activities allegation.

To make the client’s visit valid or legitimate from the authorized law enforcement agencies and public authorities (prevention, investigation, detection, prosecution, or punishment of criminal offenses).

  • In the customs and immigration airport department, personal information details will be needed due to legal obligations.
  • To verify the relationship. For e.g. client members. If any of the clients are not in contact or are delayed then absence-related trip members correctly answer the information of the absence client interest to the related agencies on the non-attendance client’s behalf due to unpredictable circumstances.
  • If the company co-ordinate with other travel service providers such as hotels, vehicle rental companies, tour operators, transfers handlers, airlines, and other related service providers.
  • To external business factors such as accountants, event and expo organizers, suppliers, contractors, auditors, social welfare organizations, and recruitment consultants.
  • Publishers and distributors for promotional features, magazine leaflets, else.
  • To make a travel booking on the client’s behalf in his/her non-appearance by his/her friend, family member, or work colleague.

However, the company will not disclose any personal information of the clients without his/her consent unless the company will commit and ensure the necessary to disclose the personal information on the client’s behalf to third parties. The third parties will operate their social networking and geolocation tools to facilitate the given features on social media and from other relevant tools. If any clients use the relevant features the company will courage and initiate the clients to review the third parties’ privacy policies. Simultaneously, the third parties use or share personal information in accordance with their own privacy policies. Therefore, if any client requests the third parties privacy policies copies then wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd will be liable to provide the photocopies of the third parties ‘privacy policies documents.

vi) Personal information transfer to overseas: The Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd will disclose the personal information to certain overseas recipients on the client’s consent to ensure the necessary contact assignment between the client and the overseas companies or suitable for safeguard as local data protection laws prefer as a reference and other related work overseas. However, the company will not be liable for how these overseas receiver stores, use, handle or process the client’s personal information.

vii) The client rights in the information the company collects: The client will reserve the right to terminate or hold up his/her personal information collected by Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd after completing the destination trip. It means it depends upon the client’s perception.

  • If a client wishes an update about the company trip packages even though s/he completed the destination trip then the client will express the consent to hold his/her personal information by the company for future trip destinations. In contrast, if s/he will not approve any new update about the trip packages after completing the destination trip from the company then s/he will have the right to consent to delete the information of his/her personal information stored by the company. Further, s/he may click on the unsubscribe link of the company marketing emails or contact us as mentioned below in section (x) feedback and contact.
  • The clients will barrier or halt using any information collected about them by the company by withdrawing any consent previously given to the company to use the collected personal information of the client. By the way, the company will highly consider the client that it influences to provide effective services or negatively impact the services provided by the company to the client. For. E.g. While booking the trip personal information is needed (full name, cell phone, email address, passport details, and health information). Without these information details, the company will be unable to book the trip.
  • The clients will reserve the right to update any new additional information, or inaccurate and incomplete personal information of his /her information whenever it is necessary to them by mail to the company. However, the company will not be responsible for in absence of any new updates, or incorrect and incomplete information of the client’s personal information till not informed or submitted by the client to the company through various communication devices to make it update, correct and complete .further, the company will verify the incorrect information of the client as a correct in order unless the client unaware about the error in his/her personal information to correct it.
  • Any personal information processed as necessary to perform the contract on the client’s behalf as a party then s/he will be liable to receive the copy of such personal information in a suitable format in his/her request. The client will request through the email address of the company. The response or feedback by the company is within a month or less, although the company reserves the right to postpone or extend this maturity period due to crucial and complex requests.

The wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd reserves the right to boycott the client’s access information for any reason to the country’s laws, policy, rules, and regulations. Such as on the basis of security concerns of the country, corporate finance hacker risk, and confidential references. Hence, if the company is unable to access the information due to uncertain aspects limitations then the company will respond to the clients in their (clients) email address by mentioning the reason for denying accessing the information to the clients. Unless it becomes sensitive and crucial to do so under the country’s local data protection laws. Further, correspondence regarding the client request should be made only in written form to the data protection officer at the address mentioned in section (x) feedback and contact below.

The company will reserve all the rights above mentioned features of the client’s privacy policy by implementing various technique tools. In addition, the company will be strictly prohibited to disclose the information to third parties without his/her client’s consent. Therefore, the company will kindly request the clients to be updated with the company data server to verify the valid means of identification in order for security obligations, to control excessive requests, and to prevent unauthorized disclosure of personal information. 

viii) Social media integration: The Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd will take the advantage of the social media apps to operate promotional activities through company websites, mobile applications, television, radio, newspaper, magazine, or else (like, share or subscribe). In this phase, third parties will play a tremendous role to function the company packages scheme in an effective way worldwide. Access overall people of the world who are keen and passionate about the trip packages through its social media apps (e.g.  Instagram, Face book, WhatsApp, Twitter, else). By the way, third parties collect the client’s IP address while visiting the company websites or mobile applications to set the cookies and function properly. If the client login to the account of the third parties’ company, then third parties may enable to link information about the client’s visit to and use of Wilderness Outdoors Pvt ltd websites in the client’s social media account with them (third parties). The interaction that occurs between the clients and third parties will be recorded. Further, third parties may send information to the company about their privacy policies. Such as client name, picture, gender, and any other information the client selected available. In this condition, the company will share information with third parties for the purpose of targeted marketing to the client through the third parties’ social media apps. However, the client can manage the sharing of information and options of the targeted marketing through his/her privacy setting for the third parties’ social media apps. The client’s interaction with the third parties is observed or governed by the privacy policies of the third parties. Therefore, kindly appeal to the client to review the privacy policies of the third parties in detail. For more information about the data practices of the third parties companies, from the client’s view what type of personal information collect and how collected information is used by the third parties.

ix) Attached are the cookies on the website browser: The wilderness outdoors may use the third parties social media apps to operate the business trip packages. Such as face book, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media apps. In the same way, third parties store cookies in their social media platform apps browser to track, recognize users and frequently visit programs of the website that assist how many times visitors use our company website and apps.

Cookies are a piece of data stored on a user’s computer to recognize users, the number of visitors on certain pages, enter and exit points of visitors, and access to send a text to the user browser by a company website the client visits. It manifests when any user visits the company website twice, cookie technology recognizes the visitor’s browser and updates the number of times visited the company website. For e.g. if any client purchases or book trip packages then the company may also store the cookies on a company user’s computer to keep a record or track of the transaction in a page-wise way. The company will not store any personal information of the client in the cookies or use personal information for any other purpose without the client’s consent. Only notable exceptions transfer the information to the third parties with the consent of the client.

x) Feedback and Contact: The wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd will be liable to access its client to respond to inquiries, complaints, and any comments about the privacy policy of the company at the request of the clients while collecting the personal information of the clients. However, the response to the request will be within a month or less. Besides that,  the company reserves the right to extend or postpone the duration of the feedback due to specific circumstances like new policy issues by the government, security purposes, laws, changes in country rules and regulations, unforeseen catastrophes, etc. Meanwhile, any clients wish to inform the company or draft the information about the change in their personal information details, correction, to complete partial information, to request a Xerox of the information while collecting personal information of the clients, copies of the third parties privacy policies if any service or product purchase from third parties, request to delete the personal information, withdraw consent of previously consent to provide the company to use personal information, restrict to use further processing information data and other related purposes. The wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd will kindly appeal to contact the privacy officer at the given email, cell phone: +977 9851133087 of the company founder.

xi) Changes in the company privacy policy: The wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd reserves the right to amend or update any new changes unanimously implemented due to notable necessity as per the circumstances. Any changes in the privacy policy of the company will be notified through social media apps or authorized websites of the company. Therefore, it’s the client’s responsibility to review or update the privacy policy of the company from time to time or become aware by receiving the information through emails or while visiting the company websites about the modification of the company privacy policy. By the way, if any client has an inquiry regarding the privacy policy modification. Please, kindly request the clients to draft the inquiry in the email to Wilderness outdoors Pvt ltd at the email address: or