We understand the importance of finding the perfect location for your film shoot and are dedicated to providing all the necessary information and preparation to make it a success. With a wide range of potential locations, we offer proximity to nature, culture, people, and remote areas, as well as a variety of historical and cultural references. Additionally, our experienced Operation Manager will be on hand to assist with location selection and provide guidance on obtaining any necessary approvals, including those from the Department of Archaeology, Pashupatinath Development Fund Office, Department of Wildlife Conservation, Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation, and Lumbini Development Fund for filming in World Heritage Sites, conservation areas, and other specific locations. We are committed to providing the best possible location for your film and will work with you every step of the way to make it happen.

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Scouting in Nepal is a very interesting process thinking about the geography and topography of Nepal which includes a lot of varieties of infrastructures which has awesome history and structure. Our export region supervisor will manual you to scout, examine, and pick the area or on your behalf send you the place photograph to shape your story that’s available in Nepal.

We Wilderness Outdoors will have a wide range of business connections. Additionally, we will have a portfolio of towns, nations, and sites that you might use for your projects. A location scout for a movie will have extensive local knowledge. Additionally, we will have previous working knowledge of regional and federal film commissions like the big Hollywood project and documentary, The Creator, Doctor Strange, Everest, Aftershock: Everest, and the Nepal Earthquake and Sentient.

Best Locations for filming in Nepal

We’ve got a wide variety of locations and topics to be had for filming which include hill stations and valleys like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan, Paten, and Bhaktapur, top of the world Mountain Everest, and maximum popular Annapurna Himalaya, Langtang Himalaya, the landscape of Mustang, Stupa, countrywide Parks, Monuments, White water rafting, Bungee bounce, Rural regions, Forts and palaces, we make sure to provide proper filming techniques consistent with the selected vicinity. Vehicles and catering are to be had at the filming location together with in which negotiation of all offers with providers is done earlier than head by us.

We are familiar with the subtleties of different places, such as the number of daylight hours and the onset of the fall color shift. We can assist in identifying the best location to realize whatever vision you may have. Naturally, we also enjoy working with open-ended briefs. With these briefs, they’ll provide guidance and inspiration for your project.

How do we choose locations?

We are aware of how crucial it is to convey an emotion on screen, in addition to having a practical understanding of the logistics of filming on location. We will take several pictures while taking into account the time of day, the amount of traffic, the illumination from the sun, and the frames and placement.

You’ll also have the opportunity to save money with our assistance. We can assist you in locating a site that resembles a different region of the world but is less expensive to film in. For instance, the Temple is a common location for filming and can be found in many different nations, so why did the Doctor Strange team select Nepal? The Doctor Strange production team originally intended to film the Kamar Taj sequence in Tibet or Chania, but they instead chose Nepal since it is less expensive to film there than in other countries. We at Wilderness Outdoors can help you get the desired “look” while maybe saving your money.


Our founder Mr. Bhuwan Bharati has been working in myriad Hollywood movies like Dr. Strange (Marvel Production ), The Creator (Gareth Edwards ), Tiger Nest (Brando Quilici), and Everest (Baltasar Kormakur). He supports and works on many more international documentaries, series, ads, etc.

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