Crew & Cast Arrangement – When it comes to filming in Nepal, finding the right cast can be a difficult task. It’s not just about finding the right actors to play the main roles, but also about ensuring that the supporting cast, extras, and local people are authentic and believable. It’s a task that requires a deep understanding of local culture and customs, as well as the ability to navigate the complexities of casting in a foreign country.

This is where Wilderness Outdoors comes in. With years of experience working on film productions in Nepal, the team at Wilderness Outdoors has developed a keen understanding of the local culture and customs. They know where to find the right Baba, local people, and audience members to make your production as authentic as possible. They understand the importance of getting the details right and are dedicated to finding the perfect cast to bring your vision to life.

We have been the go-to choice for many Hollywood movie projects. The team at Wilderness Outdoors has worked on big-name productions such as The Creator, Doctor Strange, Tiger Nest, Everest, After Shock, and Wildstar films and are experts in their respective fields. We are always willing to offer advice and ideas while filming in Nepal, and our experience and knowledge are invaluable when it comes to ensuring the success of a project.

But it’s not just the crew that Wilderness Outdoors excels at – we are also known for handling cast and crew interviews and profiles with the utmost care and professionalism. We understand the importance of finding the right actors and crew members for a project and take great care in the selection process to ensure that everyone is a perfect fit for the production. If you’re planning a film production in Nepal and want to ensure that your project is in good hands, look no further than Wilderness Outdoors


Our founder Mr. Bhuwan Bharati has been working in myriad Hollywood movies like Dr. Strange (Marvel Production ), The Creator (Gareth Edwards ), Tiger Nest (Brando Quilici), and Everest (Baltasar Kormakur). He supports and works on many more international documentaries, series, ads, etc.

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